STAG EVC 2022: the support areas

During the 2022 STAG European Veterans Champioships at the Rimini Fair, in addition to all the sports facilities for the competition, various "support areas" will be set up to make your participation more enjoyable.

In particular, there will be

  • a restaurant area where you can enjoy local culinary specialities;
  • a bar area where you can take a break for a snack or a coffee;
  • a commercial area where both the EVC Equipment Sponsor (STAG) and the most important suppliers of table tennis equipment that are part of the European Federation Supplier Pool (ETTU Supplier Pool) will display and sell their products.

Inside the "Commercial Area", to make it more lively, other spaces/booths will be set up (some of which are already booked) that can be made available to Italian and foreign suppliers of products not necessarily related to table tennis who, given the presence of a large number of participants from all over Europe, are interested in activating, exhibiting and/or selling their products.

If you are not only a tennis table player but also an entrepreneur/supplier or if you have friends interested in renting a space/stand inside the commercial area to sell their products during the EVCs, you will find all useful information at the following link  or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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The European Veteran Championships will take place in the city of Rimini from 25 June to 2 July 2022 at the Rimini Fair.

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