Rimini is a city so rich in history and art that not even the bombings of the Second World War could erase its many beauties. Beauties that today, restored to their former glory by meticulous and challenging restorations and courageous urban redevelopment work, revive at every step you take along its streets. 

Ariminum, the ancient Roman city, of which the historic centre of Rimini still faithfully traces its quadrangular plan, lives on. It survives with its magnificent two-thousand-year-old Istrian stone bridge, with its majestic Arc de Triomphe dedicated to Caesar Augustus, with its Amphitheatre, with its domus, with the ancient architectural remains scattered around the city and all its suggestive views.


The Rimini of the Aristocrats, the Rimini of the 1400s, still lives on. Rimini which, under the leadership of the Malatesta family, hosted the greatest protagonists of Renaissance art. The daring deeds of Sigismondo and his love for the beautiful Isolde, sculpted over the centuries and in the marble frieze of the Malatesta Temple, still survive. 

And again: the splendours of the Baroque age relive in the works of Cagnacci or Centino expertly collected in the halls of the City Museum, or those of contemporary art in the San Patrignano Foundation Collection exhibited at the brand-new PART exposition. 

But more generally, the beauty of a city that has always been immersed in art relives, a pulsating microcosm of history and creativity in which the centuries blend at every step. So much so that it is possible to walk through its streets, passing - without interruption - from the masterpieces of the Rimini School which have frescoed the Church of Sant’Agostino since the 1300s, to the works of the most international and surprising Street Art.


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The European Veteran Championships will take place in the city of Rimini from 25 June to 2 July 2022 at the Rimini Fair.

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