The transition to a green Rimini has already begun some time ago, so much so that saying "Rimini is Green" today is a statement shared by all those who know the most recent history of the city. For over a decade, in fact, the city has seen, on the one hand, a strong turnaround on issues related to the logic of development, and on the other, a decisive acceleration to the reconversion of the urban and productive fabric in terms of sustainability and eco-compatibility.

Some of the most futuristic projects have also jumped to the forefront of national and international news, such as the realization of the ambitious and courageous project linked to the Optimized Bathing Safeguard Plan (better known as PSBO) which makes Rimini the first coastal city to having definitively solved the problem of discharges into the sea. 

In the last decade, the city's effort for environmental regeneration and innovation of its tourism offer has become an exemplary case and heritage for the whole country. From the Belvedere in Piazzale Kennedy (the heart of the Psbo intervention), the ambitious project was launched which completely innovated the entire system of water collection and management in the city, combining the environment, beauty, well-being and effectiveness of the intervention. This effort not only makes Rimini, today, a destination capable of a strong appeal on world tourism scenarios, but also a city more attentive to nature, more beautiful and a lover of art. To put it in a joke, the reconstruction of the Galli Theater (or the construction of the Parco del Mare or the Fellini Museum) and the Psbo are but the two sides of the same coin which is called: Rimini. 

Also, the Metromare Light Train (which allows you to easily reach the various coastal areas and your hotel in Rimini from the train station without a car) is a project that gives a strong boost to sustainable mobility, while worthy of mention is the important effort that the entire bathing sector is carrying on with the Beach Plastic Free project. 

Other projects that make Rimini a city dedicated to sustainability and green are undoubtedly: the establishment of the Bicipolitana (the cycle path circuit extended throughout the urban area), the Bike Park - the new bicycle parking station just outside the railway station. - which makes it more and more convenient to reach Rimini by train, then moving by bike throughout the holiday, the network of ecological hotels, as many as 50 electric columns for recharging vehicles (43 already installed and 7 to be installed soon), a robust separate waste collection (with an innovative e-gate system), a well-organized navy that guarantees fresh Adriatic fish on the tables of citizens and restaurateurs every day and, finally, the lively presence of a strong sector of direct producers (small farms often engaged in agriculture organic and biodynamic) that animates the picturesque weekly markets of first fruits at zero km.


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The European Veteran Championships will take place in the city of Rimini from 25 June to 2 July 2022 at the Rimini Fair.

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