Rimini, a wonderful hinterland! Because this city is not only about the seaside… but also, of an amazing surrounding area that envelops it.

It surrounds it from the west where the ridges of Valmarecchia descend to the sea, drawing a wonderful valley, from Sasso Simone and Simoncello, through ancient villages, dense forests full of paths and peaks on which rise fortresses with breath-taking views.


It surrounds it from the south, where the Valconca valley stretches between rolling hills and cultivated fields that smell of vines, olive trees, ripe wheat, wonderful views of the coast and suggestive fortified towns.

Thus, the hinterland of Rimini is a plot in which nature, history and traditions are the threads of a unique embroidery and boundless beauty, intertwined paths for an ever new and surprising exploration.

Whether you go to fortresses and castles to discover myths and legends, or whether you are pursuing the typicality and taste for hospitable wineries and farms, or whether you are traveling along ridges and dirt roads on your bike, the hinterland of Rimini will amaze you, always!


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The European Veteran Championships will take place in the city of Rimini from 25 June to 2 July 2022 at the Rimini Fair.

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