Rimini is a city built on a human scale, full of services and opportunities. It’s dynamic, lively and its particularity has always been measured on the well-being of the people who live there. Open-air gyms, kilometres of cycle paths, large open spaces for walking and playing sports (... any type of sport and especially in the open air!) make Rimini a real paradise for those who choose lifestyles based on sustainability, for those who love to keep fit and for those who make health and psychophysical well-being a truly non-negotiable value.
Speaking about the beach, then, worthy of note is undoubtedly the whole facility called Riminiterme, the thermal spa establishment of the city that rises in the Miramare district, practically almost on the sand. Founded in 1873, it is the city's flagship for its therapeutic and rehabilitation areas without neglecting a comfortable and well-equipped wellness centre with a rich program of recreational and sporting activities and a lively program of events.

One of the most significant projects is the establishment of the City of Rimini Bicycle Lane: a continuously expanding cycle path capable of connecting a large part of the municipal area in a network, allowing citizens to move easily and in total safety.
Just outside the train station, a new bicycle parking station (Bike Park) has also recently been built, which is very practical and functional and offers a series of very useful services for those who usually travel by bike. In fact, at the Bike Park it is possible to take advantage of an efficient bicycle workshop, a large guarded parking lot, a rental and recharging service for electric bicycles.
The sea and the beach then offer free and always available spaces for physical activity and sport all year round. Just go down to any beach to find beach tennis and beach volleyball courts ... or to find boundless suggestive scenarios for your Nordic Walking sessions just a step away from the sea.

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The European Veteran Championships will take place in the city of Rimini from 25 June to 2 July 2022 at the Rimini Fair.

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