(extract from ETTU Regulations 01.01.2020)

All individuals who are over 40 years of age or who will be 40 years of age in the year of the European Veterans Championships are eligible to participate.
Upon request of the organizers or the Referee participants shall present their passport/ID card as proof of age.

  • 40-44 years
  • 45-49 years
  • 50-54 years
  • 55-59 years
  • 60-64 years,
  • 65-69 years,
  • 70-74 years,
  • 75-79 years,
  • 80-84 years,
  • 85 years and over.
Each category will have the following events: Men’s and Women’s Singles Men’s and Women’s Doubles
If there are less than 4 players or pairs entered in any of the events, the ETTU shall have the right to cancel the said event.

Every entered player is allowed to participate in one singles and one doubles event. A player must participate in her/his own age category, except in doubles if the players of a pair do not belong to the same age group, in which case they shall have to compete in the category of the younger player.


The championships shall be held every odd year over a period of 6 days, including a rest day, between the middle of May and the middle of July.


Entry Forms
Entries shall be made using the ETTU online entry system.

The online entry system shall be opened at least 6 months before the championships; reimbursement of entry fees paid, in case of withdrawal, shall be stated in the prospectus. There shall be no refund of entry fees paid in case of withdrawal, during the 4 weeks immediately before the championships.

Every entered player shall accept responsibility for his/her health condition and for his/her participation.

Neither the ETTU nor the organizing Association can be made responsible for an accident, loss or any other incident which might occur.

The organizers may accept alterations of entries of doubles entries only in case of verified absence of one of the players until 10:00 of the first playing day.

A player may be allowed to pair with the partner of an absent, ill or injured player in a doubles event, provided he is not already entered in that event with a partner who is present and fit to play.


The draw for the qualifying groups shall take place at least one week before the start of the championships. The date must be agreed with the Secretary General.

The draws for the European Veterans title events and for the consolation events will take place in every category immediately after completion of the qualifying matches of the corresponding events.

Seeding will be made on the basis of seeding lists set up in cooperation between representatives of the Ranking and Veterans Committees.


The Jury shall consist of the Chair of the Veterans Committee or deputy, the Chair of the Ranking Committee or deputy, a representative of the organizing Association, the ETTU Secretary General or a representative of the Executive Board and the Referee or deputy. No member of the Jury is entitled to participate in the competition.

The chair of the Jury shall be the Chair or deputy of the Veterans Committee.

All members of the Jury shall have the right to speak and to vote. The ETTU Competition Manager may attend the Jury meetings with the right to speak but without the right to vote.

The Jury shall meet on the eve of the championships and at any other time when necessary.

Participants may attend Jury meetings dealing with alterations of the draws, however they do neither have the right to speak nor to vote.


Each singles and doubles event shall be played in 2 stages.

In the first stage there will be qualifying groups of 3 or 4 players or pairs, depending of the number of entries. If there are 5 players or pairs in an event, the event will be played in one group of 5 players or pairs.

In a group 2 match points shall be awarded for a win, 1 for a loss in a played match and o for a loss in a not played or unfinished match, and the ranking order shall be determined primarily by the numbers of match points gained.

If 2 or more participants have gained the same number of match points, their relative positions shall be determined by the results only of matches between them, taking successively the numbers of match points and the ratios of wins to losses in games and then in points, as far as it is necessary to determine the order.

If after any step the positions of one or more participants have been determined while others are still equal, the results of matches in which those participants took part shall be excluded from any further calculations needed to resolve the equalities in accordance with the procedure of E.11.3 and E.11.4.

If 2 or more participants have gained the same number of match points and have the same ratios of wins to losses in games and points, their relative positions shall be decided by lot.

In the second stage, players or pairs having finished first or second in their group, will qualify for the European Veterans title events. Players or pairs having finished third or fourth in their group, will be entitled to play in the corresponding consolation events. Both competitions shall be played on a knock-out basis.

If the number of players or pairs in an event is 5 or less, a second stage will not be played and the winner of the group will be the European Champion in this event.

Players or pairs having finished in position 2 of their initial group will be drawn in opposite half to the players having finished in position 1 of the same group; in the same way players or pairs having finished in position 4 will be drawn in the opposite half to players or pairs having finished in position 3 of the same group.

The playing space shall not be less than 10 m long, 5 m wide and 4 m high.

All matches shall be determined by the best of 5 games.

Each player is entitled to a 15 minutes rest between 2 matches.


Medals shall be presented by representatives of the ETTU and of the organizing Association to the winners, runners-up and losing semi- finalists of all title events and to the winners and runners-up in the consolation events.


The organising Association will provide International and National umpires for the second stage of the title events and the finals of the consolation events.

In the qualifying groups, members of the groups who are not playing shall make themselves available as umpires.

In the consolation events, the loser of a match shall umpire the next match at the table where he or she played.


An appeal may be made to the Jury against a decision of the referee on a question of tournament or match conduct not covered by the Laws or Regulations. Appeals have to be made immediately after completion of the match, upon deposit of 100 €, which will be refunded if the appeal is upheld.

The decision of the Jury is final.


Each player is obliged to compete at the time and table set by the competition schedule. The player is responsible for keeping informed when and where to play. Any player who fails to appear at the scheduled time will automatically lose the match, after a 5 minutes waiting period.

After the end of their matches and before leaving the table players must check the results on the score sheet and sign it.

During the competition, players will be required to wear their entry numbers.

The organizers accept that no restrictions should be made with regard to drinking water in the duration of a match. However, drinking water will only be specifically allowed at the same time as the “towelling” regulation.

No advertisement for alcoholic drinks and tobacco shall be worn by the players in the playing halls.


An ETTU approved electronic tournament system must be used for all European Veterans Championships.

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The European Veteran Championships will take place in the city of Rimini from 25 June to 2 July 2022 at the Rimini Fair.

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